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Battlefield Kali

Buy the Battlefield Kali Single Stick certification Program

Single Stick Series 1
Single Stick Series 2
Single Stick Series 1 & Series 2


Our Battlefield Kali program can be a supplement to your current training regardless of the style you currently favor.
This is a module that you can add to your current curriculum. It does not have to replace your current curriculum.


We have produced a series of DVDs that will take you step by step through the techniques, tactics, and training methods that have proven most effective in the arena of full-contact stickfighting. Just like JKD Unlimited/MMA For Street Self Defense, the BATTLEFIELD KALI single stick curriculum only covers those methods that have been used successfully in full-speed, full-power stick fights. The training is fun and safe while preparing you to be effective with stick.
The first series includes 4 discs, levels 1 through 4. (total running time 225 minutes)
These will take you up to certification for Battlefield Kali Single Stick Instructor Level 1/ single stick long and middle ranges instructor.
The second series also includes 4 discs, levels 5 through 8. (total running time 257 minutes)
These will take you through certification for Battlefield Kali Single Stick Instructor Levels 2, 3 and 4, respectively: single stick clinch/ single stick ground/ single stick complete game.

Buy the Battlefield Kali Knife certification Program

Knife Series 1
Knife Series 2
Knife Series 1 & Series 2


No matter where you live, you can now be certified by Burton Richardson in his cutting edge Battlefield Kali program. This course material is like nothing you’ve seen out there. One of the best weaponry programs and the only certification course of its kind!

For more details on the program including ranking, video test guidelines and fees, go to

In the works:

  • Battlefield Kali sword certification program

A BATTLEFIELD KALITM CLASS is also available at the Headquarters in Honolulu, Hawaii. Click here for more details.

If you currently are a Battlefield Kali training group leader or Battlefield Kali instructor contact us to set up automatic billing for your monthly dues.

If you want to teach our Battlefield Kali programs (single stick, knife or sword) and remain active as a Battlefield Kali instructor or an official Battlefield Kali Training Group Leader, we require that you keep your license current.

This is a monthly fee that applies as long as you are teaching the Battlefield Kali program.
You pay the small $25 monthly fee to teach  one of the three Battlefield Kali modules. $50/month for two modules and $65/month for all three modules.
When you use the Subscribe button above, you can use a credit card, bank account, or paypal account to pay; you can pick the date you want the payment to go through every month and you can change your settings at any time.

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