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Greg Nelson- Essentials of Striking for MMA


In this DVD, world renowned Mixed Martial Arts Coach Greg Nelson takes you through the essentials of striking for MMA.
Taken from a workshop in Honolulu, Hawaii, and assisted by JKD Unlimited founder Burton Richardson,
Coach Nelson shows the essentials of standing fighting that every champion must master.
Not just boxing or Muay Thai, but the integration of striking and tactics that make MMA striking different from other pugilistic sports.

Coach Nelson shows the details that turn your basics into formidable weapons capable of destroying a skilled adversary.
For over an hour and ten minutes worth of training, Coach Nelson reveals the secrets that make the difference between having your hand raised in victory instead of having to watch your opponent's hand raised.
Nelson coaches you on the intricacies of punching at a distance, defensive postures while punching in closer range, tricks on delivering an elbow against someone who is closing the gap, throwing a knee against a wrestler that will connect instead of leaving you on your back, and much more.
Step by step he takes you through a myriad of focus mitt drills that will leave you with the ability to train at a higher level than ever before.

Instead of just punching mitts, tactics and strategies such as how to chase down an opponent, or how to capitalize when the opponent has been rocked, are worked into the drills.
There is a reason that Coach Nelson's fighters have become champions in the greatest MMA events in the world. Watch this DVD, use Coach Nelson's championship tips, and your skills will improve faster than you can imagine.

About Greg Nelson

Greg Nelson had a great athletic base when he started his martial arts training.
  • He was an All-American high school gymnast before he wrestled for the University of Minnesota Wrestling Team.
    Since starting his martial arts training in 1983, Coach Nelson has earned:
  • Full Instructor Credentials in Jun Fan Martial Arts/Jeet Kune Do Concepts
  • Full Instructor in the Filipino Martial Arts,
  • Level III Instructor in Maphilindo Silat under Guru Dan Inosanto.
  • Full Instructor in Muay Thai under Ajarn Chai Sirisute of the Thai Boxing Association of the USA
  • Full Instructor in Combat Submission Wrestling under Erik Paulson.
  • Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under professor Pedro Sauer.

    Coach Nelson's expertise and ability to break down the principles of training have created great champions, such as former UFC Lightweight Champion Sean Sherk, Former UFC Middleweight Champion Dave Menne, BodogFIGHT Welterwight Champion Nick "The Goat" Thompson, IKF & WKA Pro-Muay Thai Champion Nat McIntyre, and many more.

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