Host Burton Richardson for a Seminar

Seminar Options

Each major art or module can be covered in depth or as a shorter overview. Specific areas of each art or module can be examined in depth as well. I can also teach subjects outside of these modules.
There are 4 basic ways to use this menu for your seminar:
  1. We can have a 2-day seminar completely devoted to any one of the arts or modules.
  2. We can devote one day of the seminar to a particular art or module.
  3. We can explore an overview of an art or module in a 1-2 hour segment.
  4. I can also teach short segments focusing on a particular area of an art or module. This is to have an in depth study of a particular component of any art or module. The subjects here are nearly endless.
Below is a list of the arts and modules that I teach followed by examples of various concise areas that we can take a deep dive into. If you have requests not listed, please let me know.

The arts and modules are:

  • Jun Fan JKD
  • Battlefield Kali Stick
  • Battlefield Kali Knife
  • Battlefield Kali Staff
  • Battlefield Kali Tomahawk
  • Silat For The Street
  • BJJ For The Street
  • MMA For The Street
  • Clinch For The Street
  • Inosanto blend FMA
  • LaCoste System
  • Pentjak Silat Bukti Negara
  • Ilustrisimo System
  • Zulu Martial Arts
  • Piper Knife System
  • Head manipulation
  • High Performance Krav Maga
  • High Performance Sport MMA training.
  • High Performance Sport BJJ
  • High Performance Sport Muay Thai
  • Sensitivity Drills
Specific areas of the arts or modules that we can study are nearly endless, but here are a few examples to get the idea:
  • Counters to leg attacks from the Ilustrisimo System
  • Zulu shield and spear concepts
  • LaCoste stick and dagger movement patterns
  • Clinch routes from the under hook
  • Bruce Lee’s 4 fundamental Jun Fan JKD eye attack methods
  • The 6 basic FMA Staff thrusts
  • The 5 ways of attack applied with weapons
You can choose any particular area you want to explore.
Feel free to ask about anything listed above or not on the list. I want to help you and your group with whatever areas that I can. Let me know if you have any questions at all using the Contact Us Form below. 
Enjoy your training! Burton Richardson