Train at our Headquarters in Hawaii!

Burton Richardson, Founder of JKD UnlimitedTRAIN AT OUR HEADQUARTERS IN HAWAII!
Offering group classes again!
World class training in street self defense in Honolulu, Hawaii. We offer weekly martial arts group classes for men and women of all levels. Fun. Safe. Functional.
Head Instructor: Burton Richardson

Tuesday and Thursdays only.

BJJ For The Street class: Brazilian jiu-jitsu for street self defense, includes gi/no-gi, striking, knife defense, gun defense while grappling.
6pm to 7pm

JKD Unlimited/MMA For The Street/Krav Maga class: Mixed martial arts applied to street self defense. Jeet Kune Do philosophy expressed through a mix of Jun Fan JKD, Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Grappling, Kali, and Krav Maga blended in. Knife, pistol, and rifle defense included.
7pm to 8pm

Out of state visitors are welcome (drop in fee applies).
Free Introductory Classes for Hawaii Residents.
CALL US NOW: 808-864-1620

Not in Hawaii?
Find JKD Unlimited classes near you or train with our video based distance learning courses.