-Is distance learning ethical? Is this just getting a certificate over the Internet?
  What makes our programs unique is that they are sparring-based. Students don't just learn if you techniques and we demonstrate them with a cooperative partner. I want every one of my students to be prepared true content which is why sparring is so essential. I will not pass someone who does he report on the sparring portion of the test. Those who want the required rounds develop the skills and always have passed this morning portion.

- These are sparring based distance learning programs. Isn't sparring dangerous? How hard are we supposed to fight?
  Sparring is not fighting. It is a training method where you take care of your partner and your partner takes care of you while you both do your best to safely score on the other. If you aren't able to laugh during your rounds, you are going too hard! Here is a link to our sparring rules:

- Do I have to come to Hawaii to test?
  No. For the distance learning programs everything is done by video. For certification seminars, you must come to the seminar and I will train you there in person.

-What if I want to learn but I'm not interested in certification?
  You can use the material to train and improve without going through the certification process.

-What kind of equipment do I need?
  If you want to be certified, each of the programs requires a high-quality helmet for sparring, hand protection, and groin protection. We highly recommend using a mouth piece.
  Additional equipment is required some of the other programs. For the knife program you need a soft training knife. For the stick and sword program you need a rattan stick and soft training stick. For BJJ For The Street you need a jiu jitsu gi, a soft training knife, and a soft training pistol.

-Where can I purchase the equipment? Do I have to buy it from you?
  We carry all of the equipment and a good line of gis, but you don't have to purchase from us. We only stock high quality equipment and over the decades of testing I know which products are durable, safe, and comfortable.
  Just be aware that cheaper products are often not a good value. Keep in mind that your equipment should be durable, safe, and comfortable for you and your training partners.