Is distance learning ethical? Is this just getting a certificate over the Internet?

Our programs are unique because they are sparring-based. Students don't just learn a few techniques and demonstrate them with a cooperative partner. I want every one of my students to be prepared for true combat which is why sparring is so essential. I will not pass someone who does not perform well on the sparring portion of the test. Those who complete the required rounds develop the skills and always have passed the test.

Isn't sparring dangerous? How hard are we supposed to fight?
Sparring is not fighting. It is a training method where you take care of your partner and your partner takes care of you while you both do your best to safely score on the other. If you aren't able to laugh during your rounds, you are going too hard!
Here is a link to our sparring rules. (coming soon)

Do I have to come to Hawaii to test?
No. For all of our online certification courses you can test by video.
See how video testing works here.
For certification seminars, you must come to the seminar and I will train you in person. You receive your certificate at the end of the seminar

What if I want to learn but I'm not interested in certification?
You can use the material to train and improve without going through the certification process.You and your training partner(s) still need to have a current membership. A free one year membership is included with the purchase of any full Series.

Do I have access to the course only while my membership is current?
No, you have access to the course forever. Our certification courses are offered to members only and a free one year membership is included with your purchase. Although you can view the course forever regardless of your membership status, you will need a current membership to test.

Do I have to purchase the teaching license if I am just working with a training partner?
If you are training for your personal development with up to 3 training partners, you don't need a teaching license.
If you want to start a training group with the long term goal of becoming an instructor, you can apply for a teaching license.
We keep the fee very low because we want as many people as possible to teach BJJ For The Street. Get one student and you are already making a profit.

Do I need an internet connection to view the digital version of the videos?
YES. You must use your internet connection to connect to the videos and view them. Although it was our intention to offer all of our digital courses as downloads for offline viewing, we are currently unable to provide this option. The hosting company we use, Vimeo, is not allowing it for embedded videos, only for footage that is available on vimeo.com. We are working on a solution but cannot guarantee when this will be available. We apologize for the inconvenience.

What kind of equipment do I need?
If you want to be certified, each of the programs requires a high-quality helmet for sparring, hand protection, and groin protection. We highly recommend using a mouth piece. Additional equipment is required for some of the other programs. Go to our online store and click on the tab "LEARN MORE" in the product description  

Where can I purchase the equipment? Do I have to buy it from you?
We carry almost all of the equipment needed and a good line of gis, but you don't have to purchase from us. We only stock high quality equipment. Over the decades of testing I know which products are durable, safe, and comfortable. Just be aware that cheaper products are not necessarily a good value: your equipment should be comfortable, durable, and safe for you and your training partners.


What EXACTLY do I need to purchase to get started?
White belt, 1st stripe curriculum and a one year membership.
When you are ready to buy the next level, you will need to have a current membership.
We offer a discount and a free one year membership if you purchase the entire bundle for any particular level.
One membership is valid for ALL our certification courses.

If I already have rank in BJJ, do I have to start at white belt for BJJ For The Street?

No, you keep your rank as you go through the program. Although you may be familiar with many of the techniques, they are all tweaked to account for street self-defense. Also, the way techniques are prioritized changes when you go from the sport to street environment, so it is important to go through the program to be clear the differences.

Do I have to do belt tests in person?
No. Because BJJ For The Street is sparring-based, I can easily gauge your performance by watching your sparring exams. All tests can be done by video up until Purple Belt 4th stripe. Brown and Black Belt tests are done in person. We can arrange to do those tests either while I'm traveling teaching a seminar or at the headquarters in Hawaii.

Are you going to have videos for the next belt levels from blue to black?
Yes, those will be available in the future. The next level should be released in 2018.