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The Fighting Art of Grandmaster Roberto Labaniego- 3 DVD series

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Grand Master Roberto Labaniego is the real deal.
Highly skilled, humble, and incredibly generous with his knowledge, the Grand Master is the epitome of a Filipino Martial Arts master.
Known affectionately by his students as “Mang Bert”, he is the head of a unique and amazing system called Arnis Labaniego.
Born on the Philippine island of Panay, Grandmaster Labaniego first studied the art from his father, then later from various instructors.
Mang Bert has had to use his highly developed skills in many real-life encounters with the bolo (long working sword), knife, ice pick, and empty hands.
Because of his background, Mang Bert has developed a very different approach to the art of fighting with the blade, stick, knife, or empty handed.
He also explains the philosophy behind his system which gives a greater understanding of combat effectiveness.
And his skills! When he demonstrates, jaws drop.
At the tender age of 66, Mang Bert wields the stick and blade with incredible speed and power.
If you have never seen a Grand Master swing a live sword all-out, watch these DVDs and get ready to be inspired!

Viewing this 3-DVD series is like spending a day with the Grand Master as he explains and demonstrates the fruits of his labor and fight experience.
Rather than just showing a few techniques, Mang Bert goes through every area of his system as he demonstrates the techniques, tactics, and training methods that have been so useful to him.
He shares his combat stories and demonstrates the amazing techniques that he used to save his life. He shows his art with the sword, stick and dagger, single stick, dagger, and empty hand.

Because these DVDs were shot on location in the Philippines, we also present a special guest appearance by Master Romy Valleno, who shares his expertise with the double sticks.
Mang Bert’s student Arthur de Luzuriaga helps with explanation of the art.

There is a huge amount of information covered in these DVDs.
If you are a beginning student, this series will give you amazing insight into the depth and effectiveness of the Filipino Martial Arts, while giving you a great base to work from.
If you have studied the Filipino Martial Arts, you will be delighted with Grand Master Labaniego’s unique, no-nonsense approach, along with the endless details and nuances that he imparts.
You haven’t seen anything quite like it, and you will be a more complete fighter and martial artist after studying Mang Bert’s method. He is a great inspiration both as a fighter and as a human being.
written by Burton Richardson


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