BJJ For The Street-5 Individual Levels or Bundle

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  • White Belt 3 stripe
  • White Belt 4 stripe
  • Blue Belt no stripe

Physical DVDs option is only: White to Blue Bundle- All Levels
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Download the sparring logs and testing requirements here.


Do you appreciate the fact that ground fighting skills are vital for real world self-defense, but you don’t want to spend your time and money going to a school that focuses on tournament-specific training? Then BJJ For The Street is for you.

Do you love the art of sport BJJ and submission grappling but also want highly functional street-specific training as well? Then BJJ For The Street is for you too.

3-stripe Black Belt Burton Richardson, who is a Black Belt Magazine Hall of Famer and their 2015 Self-Defense Instructor of the Year brings you this BJJ-based ground fighting approach that also incorporates his decades of experience in JKD, Filipino martial arts, Southeast Asian Silat, Krav Maga, and MMA.

Using training methodologies of combat sports, Burton pressure tests everything extensively before teaching it to the public. Everything in this program is self-defense specific, meaning functional gun defense and knife defense are prioritized, along with dealing with striking and using eye and groin attacks to aid in the application of solid grappling fundamentals. Not the old street self-defense methods that only work against a cooperative partner, but the techniques, strategies, and tactics that will truly help you prevail in a life and death struggle.

The program is highly organized to take you step by step through the levels. Each technique is broken down and important details are explained in a clear, easy to understand manner. The all-important training methods are also demonstrated so you can train safely and realistically against a resisting partner. Sparring/drilling logs are provided as well so you can Log Your Rounds and chart your progress. Complete the log and you are ready to test.

And guess what? BJJ For The Street is fun! Not easy by any means, but fun and rewarding. Start your BJJ For The Street journey right now. It will change your life for the better and may someday save your life or that of a loved one.

Our self defense certification courses are suitable for all levels from beginners to experienced martial artists.
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