Sinawali (Double Stick) Universal Drill

April 17, 2018

Today we released our much awaited double stick program. You can order the streaming version now at a special introductory price.


Physical DVDs will be available later this year for those who prefer that option.

Sale price ends on 06/01/2018.

This is how Burton Richardson describes the program:

"The Filipino term Kali is said to come from two words.”Ka” is from kamay (hand) or katawan (body) “Li” is from the word “lihok” (motion). This means that the art actually boils down to hand or body motion. Therefore it is imperative to develop your hand and body motion if you want to be at your best. This is why the sinawali (weaving) double stick coordination drills are so important. The sinawali universal drill covers a wide swath of motions which enhance both upper and lower body coordination very quickly.

I created this drill in the late 80s. I wanted to be able to practice a very wide array of upper and lower body motions in a short period time. I also wanted to work right and left hand simultaneously. After many months of experimenting with different combinations for myself and my students, I chose ten double stick drills along with ten corresponding footwork patterns. In a little over two minutes, nearly every major type of motion is covered.
Little did I know when I put this together that I would still be teaching it 30 years later. It has proven so popular and effective with my students that I begin every Battlefield Kali class with it as a warm up. I myself do it very often because I derive so many benefit from performing the Universal Drill. And it is always fun.
I put this drill on video going step-by-step so that you can easily learn each section and put the pieces together. I’m sure you will have a great time with it and you will see a marked improvement in your overall mobility. Many thanks to Battlefield Kali Instructor Sean Sutton for assisting me in the video.
Enjoy your training!"

Visit the Sinawali Universal Drill page by going to our online store.

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