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You can earn instructor certification in Clinch For The Street:

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Clinch For The Street By Burton Richardson is an entire system DEDICATED to where 99% of altercations start….. ON THE FEET.

A Jiu-Jitsu practitioner’s worst nightmare is if they cannot bring the fight to the ground, and they have no other options. Thankfully Burton’s wide array of expertise can help you deal with tricky situations on the feet by using the CLINCH!

A Textbook takedown isn’t always applicable on the street. A blast double is great  but what about when you slip just a little to the side due to loose gravel and you hit your head on pavement? Or how about as you slip in a perfect Rear Naked Strangle and as you are about to put the attacker out, his two friends step in from behind? While these are surely “what ifs”, the unpredictability of street fight altercations can lead to ANYTHING happening. Burton Richardson has the tools and tips to help you avoid that nightmare scenario, with Clinch For The Street!

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