Solo Sinawali and Karenza Flow

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"My Solo Sinawali (double sticks) and Karenza program starts with the beginning fundamentals of sinawali stroking and footwork, then takes you step by step to the expert level. Instructor Certification is available for those who want to teach this program. Regardless of whether you want to be able to move the weapons with speed, power, and precision for demonstrations, film work, to enhance your fighting ability, or for the all-important health and longevity benefits, this program will work for you. " Burton Richardson- Black Belt Magazine Hall of Famer

Download the sparring logs and testing requirements here


Burton Richardson is known for his pressure-tested approach to functional self-defense to BJJ, MMA, and weaponry arts. An original Dog Brother (Lucky Dog) and Full Instructor under Guro Dan Inosanto, and a Kali Ilustrisimo instructor directly under the great Tatang Ilustrisimo, Burton travels the world teaching people the details and training methods that make the art highly functional in the real combat. But did you know that Burton was also a Karenza (forms) champion? Way back in 1991, Burton took first place in one of the largest FMA championships in the country: the Eskrima Coalition Championship in Stockton, California. His ability to move the sticks and his body fluidly and with purpose also got him into the movie industry where he did fight choreography for 12 feature films. Burton has garnered all his expertise to put together this easy to follow program that will take you from beginner to expert in a fun, engaging progression.


Anyone who wants to move and feel better now and for years to come from complete beginners to advanced practitioners.

How would being able to move the sticks with phenomenal flow help you? Guro Dan Inosanto says that his instructors touted the “almost magical” qualities of sinawali (double stick) training. Practitioners in their 70’s, 80’s, and even 90’s regularly retain an uncommon degree of mobility. It is a very low impact exercise with an element of resistance training. The motions gently encourage full body motion that leads to greater mobility and balance. Whether you are a young combat athlete or part of our older population, sinawali training can help you stay fit and limber longer.


For athletes, coordination carries over to almost all sports, especially because footwork is included with the double stick upper body motions. Do you want to fight better? You need to be smooth, accurate, and have the ability to move wherever you need to in a split second. Properly performed sinawali drills develop these abilities. That’s why many of the best stick fighters have outstanding Karenza. Do you want to have a fun and interesting way to keep your body loose and agile as you age? Knowing a variety of solo sinawali drills will maintain your range of motion and keep your muscles and neural connections firing.


Teachers who need to demonstrate the art in order to get others interested. A good karenza is always impressive and gives insight to the depths of the Filipino Martial Arts. This program allows you to have a step by step blueprint to sharpen your own skills and teach your students.


Every time I have trained a movie star (Keanu Reeves, Brandon Lee, etc.), I start them with sinawali drills to enhance their ability to move in a relaxed yet powerful manner. This really comes across on the big screen, and has proven invaluable to many actors and stunt performers.

Regardless of whether you want to be able to move the weapons with speed, power, and precision for demonstrations, film work, to enhance your fighting ability, or for the all-important health and longevity benefits, this program will work for you.

The program is broken down into three sections.

  1. First quality movement and a progressive 12-Part Sinawali warm-up that introduces various types of hand and body movement. The set will ingrain many of the most important movements, the ABCs of double stick motion, along with several footwork patterns.
  2. A wide variety of drills are introduced in the second section.
  3. The third section introduces exercises that get progressively more demanding. It’s a fun workout that works your mind and body at the same time.

Learning to move the double sticks well will enhance many attributes that are essential for high level martial arts and better everyday living.  Hone your footwork and accuracy while developing combat attributes such as speed, power, and coordination,, grace, fluidity, body mechanics, and flow. And it will help you to, as Burton often says, Enjoy Your Training!

Download the sparring logs and testing requirements here

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Our certification courses are suitable for all levels from beginners to experienced martial artists.



1 Introduction

2 Practicality Of Sinawali Training

3 Quality Stroking

4 Three Basic Positions

5 Basic Patterns Of Motion


6 Torsi – Upright posture or leaning back.

7 Female triangle – Replacement step and complete triangle.

8 Male triangle – Replacement step and complete triangle.

9 Hourglass – Female triangle and male triangle in and hourglass formation.

10 Square – Start at the bottom corner or top corner.

11 Freestyle with various footwork

Warm Up (WU) Sequence - Exercises 1-12

12 WU 1 Twisting Middle grip on stick, fanning

13 WU 2 Pumping

14 WU 3 Crossing thrusts, alternating which is on top, low to high then high to low.

15 WU 4 Upward figure 8, alternating which is on top.

16 WU 5 Parallel slashes on X

17 WU 6 Closed outside 4-count

18 WU 7 Fluid attack

19 WU 8 Walis Walis (golf swing) 

20 WU 9 Horizontal parallel sunketes (curving thrusts), using the parallel slashes as a transition.

21 WU 10 Gunting into squat with roof and leg slash

22 WU 11 Open 4-count florettes

23 WU 12 Redondo 6

24 Full Warm Up facing the camera.

25 Full Warm Up facing away from the camera.


26 Universal Sinawali Combination Solo

27 VARIOUS PATTERNS – Quality Is Paramount

28 Jab, Circle, Slash Open And Closed

29 Asterisk

30 Open 4-Count Doblete

31 Thrust To Slash

32 Redondo 10

33 Deconstructed Redondo 6

34 Closed Outside 4 Count With Redondo.

35 Closed Outside 4-Count With Witik And Redondo

36 “T” To Redondo 3 With Sempok Footwork

Redondo Fluid Attack Combinations

37 Redondo Fluid Attack Combination 1

38 Redondo Fluid Attack Combination 2

39 Redondo Fluid Attack Combination 3

40 Crossed Redondos To Fluid Attack

41 Witik Fluid Attack

42 Reverse Fluid Attack


43 Helicopter To Payong To Transition

44 Slash To 2 Abanikos

45 Redondo 6-Count Transition To Upward 4-Count

46 Upward 4-Count Transition To Redondo 6-Count

47 Spinning Thrust

48 Burton’s Rift

49 Closing Remarks, Kali Philosopy, And Freestyle Karenza

50 Bonus 1 – Twirling

51 Bonus 2 – Kneeling Karenza

52 Bonus 3 – Freestyle Karenza

53 Bonus 4 – Short Karenza Set

54 Bonus 5 – Various Japan Clips

55 Bonus 6 – Tatang Ilustrisimo Sinawali Video Breakdown

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