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It's Time To Learn The Ins and Outs Of Effective BJJ For Self-Defense, Burton Richardson is a BJJ Black Belt, JKD Instructor, Krav Maga Instructor, Silat Instructor and Black Belt Magazine Hall of Famer.

This is your opportunity to have a realistic approach to self defense in the grappling range, including striking, knife defense and gun defense. 

Difference between BJJ For The Street White to Blue Full Certification Course available on our site and this BJJ For The Street series produced for 

  • The Full Certification BJJ For The Street White to Blue series, on this website, is designed to take a person, experienced or not, step-by-step from white to blue belt in my street-specific approach. It is broken down into sections by stripe to progress someone to BJJ For The Street/BJJ Blue Belt. The techniques are explained in great detail. It will also allow someone interested in teaching BJJ For The Street to get the foundation of the street approach and be able to transfer their current rank in tournament jiu jitsu into a rank in BJJ For The Street.

  • The BJJ For The Streett by Burton Richardson series on is a complete overview of the entire approach. The scope is wider than the White to Blue series. This series also serves as an outline for those who want to pursue BJJ For The Street instructor testing and certification. The instructor track is for those who already have grappling experience. There are various levels of instructorship depending upon the ranking of the individual.

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