Focus Mitts For the Street and Sport (1 series)

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Black Belt Magazine hall of famer Burton Richardson has created this groundbreaking video series detailing how to best utilize focus mitts to develop functional fighting skills for both sport and street self defense faster than ever before.

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  Here’s what Burton has to say:

Fighting is reading an opponent’s intentions, then responding efficiently to neutralize his attacks. It is not going through a memorized routine.

If you are training for functional fighting skill, your mitt drills should feel similar to sparring or fighting. You should be moving, defending against punches, kicks, tackles, grabs, and, when training for self-defense, weapons. You don’t have time to think in a real situation so you must train your subconscious to deal with anything, WHILE striking at full speed, power, and intensity. This is what high-level mitt work should develop.

What elements should be included? How should they be fed? And how do you modify the functional sport mitt training when focusing on self-defense? This is what Focus Mitts For Sport And Street Self Defense is all about."

  • 16 specific, essential concepts that must be included in your mitts training to optimize the fighter’s skill development.
  • Plus many other examples of important points to enhance skill faster than ever in the kickboxing, clinch, and ground ranges.
  • Plus scenario training, multiple opponent drills, self-defense specific targeting, and weapons recognition during the For The Street section.

If you want to make your focus mitt rounds more fun, more exciting, and much more effective, then utilize this course.  Let me know if you have any questions at all.


Burton Richardson

P.S. If you want to become certified instructor in Focus Mitts For Sport And Street so you can teach workshops and receive a beautiful certificate, get this course and log your rounds on the log sheet to prepare for video testing. (You will receive a link to the logs when you purchase the program.) It is a fun and simple process to ensure that you know these mitt elements inside and out.

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