Head Manipulation Program

"I am very pleased with the Head Manipulation Program. I have used head manipulation in Dog Brother stick fights, stick fighting competitions, and in a couple challenge matches. I use them very regularly, at a lower intensity, in my sparring to this day. I have students who have used these in dire situations. I have a student who is a police officer who has used one particular move at least a dozen times, taking an uncooperative suspect to the ground without having to slam him. Each technique has been thoroughly pressure tested, over the last two years, and only those which pass these tests are presented. Bottom line is that these head manipulations work when the details are properly applied."

Burton Richardson

Head manipulations are used to off balance the opponent physically and mentally in order to:

  1. Throw the adversary
  2. Set up strikes
  3. Set up other types of throws
  4. To immobilize an adversary

37 head manipulations (see table of contents image):

  • 5 Pillars of Head Manipulation: the easiest to apply and the foundation of many other variations which take a bit more skill
  • 32 other useful variations when applied at the correct time and place. Many add a little extra kick to one of the 5 Pillars.
    Learn how to do the technique, in what position it is most applicable, how to get to that position, and what the effect of the particular head manipulation is. Also explore follow ups.

BONUS SECTION: how to use head manipulation on the ground to improve your leverage-based grappling.

  • 6 different scenarios and techniques that are extremely useful, though often overlooked.


"If you are interested in functional self-defense against a larger, strong attacker, I highly suggest studying this program. Being able to apply head manipulation techniques may be the leverage-based advantage that keeps you safe. I practice head manipulation daily, and I hope this program will inspire you to do the same."

Burton Richardson

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