Monthly Video Subscription

“Highly recommend Burton’s monthly video program to any martial artist or self-defense instructor, student or enthusiast looking to add on or improve overall knowledge and skill sets.Essentially it’s a private lesson (actually it’s much more than a private lesson) at a discounted cost that you can watch repeatedly.Burton covers multiple aspects and ranges of fighting in each video, using current tech and real world examples. Plus he often brings in guest instructors as well.I can’t say enough about it, but I’m already a client. What are you waiting for? 😉“Chris Mikuta

The monthly video is between 45-55 minutes long and includes all the ranges: stand up, clinch, ground, weaponry.

It is shot every month by Burton Richardson and gets e-mailed (for download or streaming) the third to last week of each month. It will allow you to be up to date with the latest development of JKD Unlimited.

The video incorporates elements of all our programs: MMA For The Street, BJJ For The Street, Silat For The Street and Battlefield Kali.

Subscribers can also send in questions to be answered in future videos, essentially giving them the experience of a video private lesson at a fraction of the cost.

$99/month with auto-pay option (via our billing company for USA and Canada customers or via Paypal for our international customers).

Try it for a month before making the commitment of a yearly subscription.

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Type: DVD Series

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