Original Dog Brothers Seminar Recording

  • Seminar taught in February 2024- Palolo Valley, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • 3 instructors
  • 150 minutes

This one time only event brought Eric “Top Dog” Knaus of Houston, Texas, Philip “Sled Dog” Gelinas from Quebec, Canada, and Burton “Lucky Dog” Richardson of  Waimanalo, Hawaii together for an in depth look at what it takes to become a highly effective stick fighter.  

Not content with merely learning static techniques and cooperative drills, the Dog Brothers (named after years of fighting) were a group of people dedicated to understanding the ins and outs of stick fighting by getting actual full contact stick fighting experience.     

Pioneered by Eric, who originally called this experiential approach “Real Contact Stick Fighting”, the idea was to find out what happened when two combatants fought all out with substantial rattan sticks while using minimal protective equipment. Instead of relying on gear to keep you safe, you had to rely on your skills to avoid injury and best your partner.  Did injuries happen? Of course. But there was never malicious intent or cheap shots. The one rule was “to be friends after the match”.

This seminar recording contains instruction by Eric, Philip, and Burton plus a Q&A session at the end.  Topics covered include entering on an opponent, power striking, clinching, chokes from the clinch, functional disarming, drifting strikes, takedowns, blocking drills, and more. 

Whether you are training for a limited equipment full contact stick fight, want to round out your Filipino martial arts approach, or wish to better understand the extreme fighter’s mindset, this seminar video will help you. 

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