Piper vs Kali Knife comparison Program

**Available via online streaming only**

  • Comparing South African Piper Knife System to Filippino Knife Systems.
  • 24 videos
  • 2-hours of instruction

   "Whenever I bring up the Piper knife fighting system on seminars or private lessons, I always get the same question: how does it compare to the Filipino martial arts? That is an excellent question.

I’ve taught the Filipino martial arts under the legendary Guro Dan Inosanto since 1988, and I have constantly studied various FMA systems since. I am one of the original Dog Brothers (real contact stick fighting with minimal equipment), and am the only American instructor of Kali Ilustrisimo certified directly by the late, great, Antonio “Tatang” Ilustrisimo.

From this wide background of training, I was very excited when I first met Piper Master Lloyd De Jongh in 2018 and felt him demonstrate the art on me. Why? Because the approach was radically different compared to the Filipino methods. I had already studied a video course along with an excellent written breakdown of Piper, but it wasn’t until Lloyd worked with me that I really understood the brilliance and uniqueness of their approach. I trained and became an instructor under Lloyd.

After being asked that comparison question once again, I decided to make a detailed outline of similarities and differences between the two approaches.

For several months I went through my entire Piper curriculum to compare and contrast with the Filipino martial arts mindset, techniques, and tactics. I shared this with a private student, and he got so much out of it that I decided to put it out for everyone who is interested.

The result is the Piper – FMA comparison and contrast study.

Whether you train in Piper, FMA, or are thinking of training with a blade, these 2 plus hours of in-depth analysis will give you great insight into both methodologies. Enjoy your training!" Burton Richardson


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