In Loving Memory of My Father

September 01, 2006

In loving memory of Mohamad Badat (November 14 1944- September 1 2006) My father passed away in September. He had been living with emphysema for the past 4 years, the result of a lifetime of cigarette smoking. Although I was as prepared as one can be and expected the news, it has not been easy since to say goodbye. One thing that did make it easier is that I had no unfinished business with my Dad. I had always said what I had to say. I always did my best to show him in big and small ways how dear he was to me. My Dad wasn’t a very talkative guy and in my family it was not custom to say I love you or to give hugs. However, my Father showed me he loved me in many other ways. I’m writing this today to urge you all to take the time to show your love to those you love. We all will die someday. The only certitude in this life. We cannot choose when or how we’ll die. We can only choose how we live. It makes the goodbye easier to have no regrets, nothing left unsaid, no unkind word to take back, nothing to forgive or to be forgiven for. No regrets. If you smoke, I urge you to stop. NOW! It does not affect only you, but all of those who love you. If you have any other unhealthy habit, I urge you to seek help and start living a healthy life. Of course, we can all be hit by a bus, or slip and fall on the sidewalk, but to get sick and to have been the cause of your own misery is hard to live with. You owe it to yourself and to your family and friends to give it your very best shot. I know my Dad is now in a better place. I am grateful for all the time I did have with him. He was a no nonsense kind of guy who enjoyed life. He was honest and kind and funny and he loved to talk! He never complained and always looked for the good. He never gossiped. He was not perfect but was a pretty darn good guy. He lives on in my heart and I hope he’ll now have a small place in yours. Daddy’s little girl always, Sarah

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