Solo Single Stick Program

**Available via online streaming only**

Burton Richardson’s Solo Single Stick Attribute Development  Program is an ideal way to enhance your athleticism while increasing your fighting skill. All while having fun. Solo training on equipment may be the key to take your art to a higher level than ever before. Buy this program now and make the breakthrough!
Over 2.5 hours of videos.

Download the training logs and test requirements here

Why train solo?
Stick fighting is an athletic endeavor and enhancing your athletic qualities can greatly improve your performance. You will achieve that by spending time doing solo training on equipment. Just like professional boxers, kickboxers, and MMA fighters.

What attributes can the Solo Single Stick program help develop?
By following this program you will develop quickness, explosiveness, accuracy, stamina, precision of movement, and coordination, just to name a few. Regardless of age, skill level, or physical condition, these attributes can be greatly enhanced through properly training on equipment. Key word: PROPERLY.
If you train on equipment incorrectly, as many unwittingly do, you will actually develop bad habits which diminish your weaponry ability, especially when under pressure in a real fight. You need to ingrain great habits, and our Solo Single Stick Program will help you do just that. And it is great fun.

I've been training on my own already why do I need this program?
The number of techniques in the weaponry arts are virtually unlimited. But the time you have to practice these arts, especially with a partner, is certainly limited. To improve at the greatest rate, you need the most effective, efficient solo training methods possible. And this program offers just that.
Black Belt Magazine Hall of Famer and Original Dog Brother Burton “Lucky Dog” Richardson has created this easy to follow program to help you maximize your fighting skills, from striking to footwork to combinations and flow when training alone.

What's in the Solo Single Stick Program?
Burton doesn’t just show various combinations. He starts with the strategies needed to prevail in a real stick fight and then gives methods to practice those without a partner. He introduces the “Triple E Fighting Protocol” which should be employed every time you practice on equipment, whether with weapons or empty handed.
Burton also provides a unique numbering system for this program, followed by precise details on how to deliver the various types of strikes in the most mechanically efficient way possible.
After the precise foundation is set, Burton teaches the 2-count combination matrix, followed by a 3-count matrix that encourages creativity. He then presents 15,  4-count combinations designed specifically to enhance your speed, accuracy, targeting, power, mobility, and flow.
Burton ends by teaching how to put all of the methods into your workouts so that you can free flow  in a manner that mimics high level functional stick fighting.

Download the training logs and test requirements here

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