What would Bruce Lee be doing today?

January 01, 1999 1 Comment

I believe that if Bruce Lee was alive today, he would probably following the same philosophy that he advocated while he was alive. I think that was the key to Bruce Lee’s success. He had a very clear philosophy on how the martial arts should be approached. He did not believe that an art should be “static” and unchanging, but rather, a living, evolving entity. Now that change could be very random for some, adding whichever techniques were most pleasing to the eye, but for Bruce Lee there was one guiding principle: Only use what works in a real fight! Because of this, I believe that Bruce Lee would be doing just what we are pursuing in JKD Unlimited. We are simply looking for ways to improve our fighting abilities in the street self-defense environment. This is what Bruce Lee preached, and we follow his lead. Therefore, Bruce Lee would have used his considerable wealth to hire the greatest fighters in the world to train him. He would have thoroughly studied and would be using portions of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, not for the sport, but to enhance the chances of surviving on the ground. He would have added techniques and training methods in the clinch from Greco Roman wrestling and used other aspects seen in MMA competitions, but with the important modification of using, eye, throat, and groin strikes in the training to make it street-functional. He would have practiced ground fighting in order to more easily stand up from the ground, or finish an opponent there if the opportunity presented itself. He would have explored even more of the emotional aspects of fighting. And of course, he would have continued you test everything through lots of sparring. I think that he probably would have trained more with firearms too, especially if he had continued to live in Los Angeles!All in all, I believe that Bruce Lee would have continued his incredible evolution of the martial arts through research and development, and would have been far ahead of his time in the world of realistic self-defense techniques and training methods.

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Robert Koenig
Robert Koenig

October 27, 2017

I really like this interview with you and the anecdote about Guro Dan and “What is JKD.” Totally appeals to my inner nerd.

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