Solo JKD Fundamental Drills- Basic and Advanced

**Available via online streaming only**

  • 35 lessons
  • Over 2 hours of instruction
  • Basic drill and Advanced drill included
  • No equipment needed
  • Less than 10 minutes to practice once you have learned the drills
  • Improves your cardio and mobility

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When Bruce Lee developed Jun Fan JKD, he prioritized evasiveness and intercepting over static stances and blocking. The basis of evasiveness is crisp, highly adaptable footwork with head and upper body movement. He combined these elements with the intercepting mindset of striking on an opponent’s preparation to attack, thus creating a unique and highly advanced method of overcoming a skilled, aggressive adversary.There are many different types of footwork in the Jun Fan JKD curriculum as well as various methods of head movement. Plus we have a variety of striking with the hands and feet. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a way of practicing a majority of these elements in a short period of time? That is exactly what this Solo JKD  Fundamentals Drills series accomplish. More than ever, it can be difficult to find dedicated training partners. Even if you are fortunate to have partners to meet with regularly, you will always have a lot more time available to train by yourself. Solo training can be extremely valuable -if the solo training is done in an efficient and precise manner!

The great thing about this Solo JKD Fundamental Drills series, is that you need absolutely no equipment. Just a little space and the willingness to improve your fighting tools. It is also extremely efficient. You don’t need to block out an hour of time. In fact, you can go through the entire basic and advanced drills in less than 10 minutes.

Sifu Dan Inosanto, Bruce Lee’s training partner, protégé, and one of his closest friends, would have us warm up with the basic drill for his Jeet Kune Do classes. The basic drill started with foot work, progressed to head and upper body movement, and then finished with intercepting techniques. These various tools were taken from what Bruce Lee taught in his lesson plans. (See page 300 in the book Bruce Lee’s Commentaries on the Martial Way. ) It is a great way to warm up or to practice solo when you don’t have a partner to train with.You will learn the basic solo drill in this program, but you will also learn the advanced version. I took the basic drill and layered many Jeet Kune Do elements into it so that we can sharpen more tools in almost the same amount of time. Drawing from Bruce Lee’s arsenal, I added finger jabs, boxing strikes, other strikes not allowed in boxing, each of the 5 fundamental Jeet Kune Do kicks, along with the JKD gates and some advanced boxing footwork. It is dense with information, it’s a great work out, and it is really fun!I often do the drills myself as a warm up before I train. If I only have 10 minutes to practice, I can go through the drills to sharpen a wide range of JKD elements in a short period of time.As an instructor, I’ve found that teaching beginners these drills first ingrain evasiveness from day one. I then build off of that base instead of teaching strikes first and then trying to add the footwork and upper body movements back into the striking later. The students learn much faster with foot work and head movement as a base to add on to.Why is evasiveness so important in Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do? Glad you asked! If they can’t touch you they can’t hurt you! Having evasiveness as your base is highly functional for self-defense, especially against a much larger, stronger attacker who might smash right through your block. And regardless of your size, there’s always someone bigger!If you want two great solo drills that will constantly improve and hone your JKD skills in a short amount of time, I highly suggest that you invest in this program. It’s a fun, challenging, and highly effective way to use your solo training time to be better than ever!Enjoy your training!Burton Richardson

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